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17 movies, 17 theaters — and a whole lot of gas money.

When a new blog appears on the internet, proclaiming some form of originality and unique perspective on an already oversaturated market of opining – it’s recommend to view the newcomer skeptically and not fall for their fancy tricks.  This usually takes a few posts to determine if the new guy has any game worth watching.  In this case, I’ll save you the trouble: this blog isn’t worth it.  I’ve saved you a week or two worth of reading, and in return I only ask that you give me a few weeks of your time – sounds fair, right?  The pitch is pretty simple: 17 movies, 17 theaters, and way to much money in gas, which I refuse to think about.

There is a bit more to the pitch though than a catchy tagline.  Not by much, but enough.  My obsession with movies and TV dates back to watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with my parents at the age of two, and spurred my college studies.  In college I learned an obvious truth – how you watch a movie affects what you think of the movie.  Technical factors like the size of the screen, the quality of the speakers, or the image quality; environmental factors like who you’re watching it with, where you see it, and what you did five seconds before; and qualitative factors, is the movie any good?  A big, epic studio release or a nauseating, character-centric indie flick?  That’s the basis of The Awesome Project ™©® — how does our environment affect the viewing of a film?

That’s the concept, and the execution is simple: 17 movies, one a week, alternating between an independent and studio release; 17 Michigan theaters, splitting them between multiplexes, art houses, drive-ins, and outdoor theaters; and lots of gas money.  I’m also stealing an idea from the guys at Scene/Unseen Podcast and will attempt “method movie going” when possible.  It’s like method acting, only with less talent required: partake in an activity directly related to the movie you’re about to watch.  Like going to the Star Trek Exhibit, and sitting in the Captain’s Chair before seeing the new Star Trek film; or shooting off semi-automatics before seeing a gangster film.  Then, naturally, being part of the MTV/Millenial Generation I’ll blog about it.  Here. For no one’s amusement but my own (and I strongly suggest you bail now).

I kick off the Project this Friday at a midnight showing of Star Trek.  After that, the schedule is a little more malleable.  Factors such as time (I’m already behind schedule), money, and whether my car has brakes will play into where I go next.  Either way, 17 movies, 17 theaters, and a shit-ton of gas money.

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