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The Holy Crap Moment

So, as I expected early on, I’m falling behind in the project.  A myriad of external circumstances, some good (boating) and some not so good (the not so good stuff) has made its move.  Therefore, this week we’re tweaking the project — just this once — to help everything stay on schedule.  Here’s how it will hypothetically play out, only to be foiled by those damn kids and their dog:

  1. Let us be realistic: the two big studio releases of the weekend, The Proposal and Year One, are gonna suck.  There is no way around this, it’s one of the few certainties in life.  I may drool at the idea of a Jack Black, Michael Cera, and David Cross flick, but once you stick them in some odd caveman ensemble (and apparently jar together multiple ancient eras) I’m out.  Same with The Proposal, the only Sandra I care about is Day O’Connor and until Ryan Reynolds does the Deadpool movie I will refuse to care about him.  I’d rather rewatch Six-String Samurai then care about any of these two films.
  2. I really want to see Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience (I’m a hooker fan, what can I say).
  3. Writing reviews are a pain, take a look at my recent one and you’ll see that it looks rushed and way behind schedule.
  4. No need for four, but every list needs five points.
  5. This is how it’s gonna go down: I made myself a promise. To see a movie a week, different theater, alternating indies and studio releases.  I’m gonna keep to this promise, I will chain myself to the chairs of Rochester’s Star Theatre and watch one of the greatest sins committed to celluloid.  I don’t which one, but let’s hope I’ll be really, really drunk.  However, I’m not writing a review.  At most I’ll throw in a 3 sentence blurb that will read as follows: “Holy F—in’ Sh—t that was horrendous.   Do not go see that.  No matter what your date promises.”  After the so called “movie” I will head over to Novi for The Girlfriend Experience,  not only to regain faith in film and humanity, but also to write a review.  If it sucks, it’s very possible I’m never coming back.  Two bad movies in a week is just to much for me to handle.

And there it is.  My plan to get back on course.  Hopefully see ya in a week.

  1. June 21, 2009 at 6:39 pm

    every time Bullock and Reynolds were close to each other in the Proposal i got the feeling that she looks/acts too old to be his fiance/girlfriend

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