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The Stuff That’s Yet To Come

I’ve gone quiet for the past week, but with a relatively good reason, I had a vacation to attend.  Totally worth it, plus The Awesome Project was able to add an out-of-state theater for the viewing of Harry Potter (review pending, it’s in my head).  I’m also under penalty of death (or something of a very similar ilk) to review (500) Days of Summer very soon.  Add onto that the trip up to the Traverse City Film Festival this Tuesday and we’re gonna (yes, there is an actual team) be busy.  You might get Harry Potter before I leave, and maybe (500) Days.  But come Tuesday our focus will be completely focused on the Traverse City Film Festival.  And like I said, a team actually exists.  Let’s rundown the player because as we know lists are awesome.

  1. Joining us with a camera will be Sean.  He’ll be taking some nice high-res photos of the venues, crowds, and probably random plants since he’s in to that sort of thing.
  2. Joining us with a cellphone and an opinion will be Jordan.  He’ll be helping us tweet random opinions of the films we see.
  3. I’ll be tweeting and writing capsule reviews as I go along.  My favorite films of the festival will get full lengths reviews.
  4. We’ll also be hitting up a few of the panels and possibly do a write up or two.
  5. Pictures will be posted here at the blog but also on Sean’s flickr.  Of course, if you read the blog you probably already visit that site.  We share the same fanbase.  Hello Facebook.  The Twitter opining you can follow in the sidebar and at these two spots.

On that note, look out for Harry Potter but Traverse City is where the real fun is at.

  1. Stacy
    July 27, 2009 at 7:43 am

    Awesome—oh, guess that’s redundant given your title. But looking forward to these reviews almost as much as seeing the one where Buster plays the ‘fooled you’ switcheroo with the one armed man.

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