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Paul Simon & Sour Finish

This is a light afternoon, but I squeaked in two films over the past 14 hours, so here’s a quick capsule review of how Paul Simon changed my life and The Lemon Tree  got a little sour (HEY-O! PUNNAGE!).

Troubled Waters: Norwegian director Erik Poppe managed to sucessfully incorporate an organ arrangement of “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”, and a dual timeline narrative structure into a film about atonement and second chances.  When a subtitled film keeps you on the edge of your seat (literally) and tearing up, it’s usually thanks to the strong story but also all the nonverbal elements you learned in school: outstanding acting, amazing visuals, and incredible music.  This was the opening night film, and might’ve been a bad choice because nothing can live up to this film.  I’ve already pegged this film for a full review later on.

Lemon Tree: I’m not a big lemon fan, I try to avoid anything that advertises “With Lemon!”  On the first sip I’m always intrigued but future sips leave my disappointed and cursing my stupidity thinking I like it.  Same goes for The Lemon Tree, an Israeli film, the film focuses on a court battle between a Palestinian woman who’s lemon grove is to be chopped down by the Israeli military when the Israeli Defense Minister moves next door.  The film explores the ancient struggle between the Palestinian’s and Israeli’s and all the emotions that come with.  A compelling story is killed by the pacing in the second half of the film.

I have another film tonight, The Cove which was described by Peter Travers of The Rolling Stone as “A cross between ‘Flipper’ & ‘The Bourne Ultimatum'”, how can I say no?

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