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Palestine and Death

Another quick update of some capsule reviews of the films I saw, funnily enough, all documentaries.

Rachel:  We saw this film after going to a panel on Palenstian and Israeli relationships and the role cinema has played.  The documentary is about a 24-year old American student, Rachel Corrie, who was killed by the IDF protecting Palestinians houses being bulldozed down.  Her murder occurred the first days of the Iraq War so the coverage was minimal.  I watched the film only 3 seats away from her parents, one of the most nerve-wracking experiences.  This is also pegged for a full review.

The Cove: Flipper meets The Bourne Ultimatum was a spot on description if I ever saw one.  You really want to save dolphins at the end, but the high point of the film was the production values and beautiful cinematography.  This is playing down at the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak — go see it.  I know you’re not busy, you’re reading my blog.

Learning Gravity: This documents the writings of Southeast Michigan Funeral Director Thomas Lynch and how the job of an undertaker helps provide closure to the family.  Even when faced with the most gruesome of bodies.  Shot (regrettably) in HD, but also some of the shooting was in Milford and it’s always cool to see Michigan on the big screen.

3 more films left before I check out of here, but easily TCFF is holding true to their slogan of “just great movies,” even if they place isn’t vegetarian friendly.  Sean may starve to death, or go into a sugar coma.  We’ll find out!

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