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The Wrap-Up, And Even More To Come

After coming in yesterday afternoon, I can safely say the TCFF team does not want to see any more movies or subtitles anytime soon.  Of  course, as poor planning would have it, we will be exposed to both in a few hours.  But one more capsule review before I trudge onto the full blown reviews.

Rudo y Cursi: A classic screwball comedy about two brothers who find their big break into the world of Mexico’s First Division soccer league (fútbol for my Slovokian friends).  Naturally, the two get caught up in everything but soccer, risking their careers.  The solutions to all their ills comes down to their final soccer game, when they are pitted against each other.  It’s a screwball comedy, so you can imagine what happens.  However, Rudo takes time to build it’s characters and doesn’t rely on the comedy gags to carry the film.  Caring about the characters makes the final scene funnier and more tragic, because you know the thought process going through their heads and the inevitable outcome.

Harmony & Me: An American indie comedy from Austin, Texas the new hotbed of indie films (according to the Traverse City Film Festival guide).  The film, directed and penned by Bob Byington follows Harmony, a recent dumpee as he maneuvers through life post-breakup, holding onto the pain.  Harmony fails were Rudo suceeded, giving us a storyline and characters to go with it.  Instead, Harmony relies on a string of dry witticisms to hold it together.  Sure, they’re funny, but several comedy gags back-to-back don’t hold a film together.  Nothing else steps up to keep you intrigued in the film, the editing is minimal at best, and the cinematography ignores any thought to framing.  Holding to the idea that if everything is in focus and you position everyone in the middle of the frame, you might get a good shot.  I laughed, but never enjoyed myself during the screening, the Q&A session was hilarious, saving the entire experience.

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