The God Project

My most spiritual and faith-affirming conversations have been with atheists, agnostics, and pantheists sitting in the lobby of my residence hall in the middle of the night.  The struggle for community exists outside the Church, and its creation doesn’t have to exist in the Church.  So here’s my next project: I’ve left my church.  When you realize you’re more tied to the soundboard than the community, you might need to bail.  I’m visiting a different church for two weeks, looking at the message, the community, trying to forge my own community, and how I’m going to apply what I learn to what I do.

The Movie Project

The tagline is simple: 17 movies, 17 theaters, and a whole lot of gas money.  The execution is more of a pain: 17 movies — alternating between an independent and studio release — at 17 different theaters around Michigan.  Add on the idea of method movie going –partaking in an activity directly related to the movie you’re about to watch — and the money and time commitment is adds up.  Throw in a blog about the experience, a hybrid between movie reviews and how the events leading up to the film effected the experience, and we’re talking quite a few hours.  That’s the scary part, the rest of it is the awesome part.

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