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Don’t Run Away From The Base, Unless You Want To Start Base

February 3, 2010 2 comments

Instead of randomly selecting Churches to attend in February, I decided it was time for a theme month.  Themes make everything more interesting; imbue meaning where there is none, and give a nice narrative to write around.  Themes are fun for everyone, and make life a little easier.  So February is Schism Month, the month when I will visit two churches, Base and SoulQuest, that formed because of a schism at my life-long church: Shepherd Fellowship (now Grace Waterford).  I should note, for the sake of full disclosure, that I hold nothing against the people for leaving and starting their own church.  Also, Base’s service started at 10am, and they were still going when I left at 11:30.  I had already agreed to meet some friends for our house-like church at 11:30, so I couldn’t stay the whole time.  Next week I’ll plan accordingly, and in my defense, how many American churches go past an hour and a half service?  And more importantly, how many can do that and keep you entertained?

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